there’s this bbc radio series called “tweet of the day” and they just play a two minute clip of a british bird’s call while some brit talks about it in the most soothing voice

im looking up bird calls instead of sleeping 

ummmmmm i could scream right now 

red wedding // purple wedding



straight white men be like “did you or did you not come for my rights today”


"I’m not sure exactly what rights you came for or when you did, but it hurt me"

ok so for  this political satire minicourse im taking we have to write a 90 second to 2:30 minute comedy piece in groups of  ten and my group is literally stacked because (including me) there’s three sketch comedy writers and two standup comedians and two other VERY funny people and its so hard because these hacks who know nothing about structuring comedy are trying to tell us what to do but its like…………………who are you

this is a serious question, has gaga’s career gotten harder to follow or is it just me? 


straight people need to learn how to take a joke the way they can take their boyfriend’s dick ramming into them while checking the top trends on twitter and then switching to a vibrator after he rolls over and falls asleep from those exhausting 4 minutes of one sided sex


the a in lgbtqa should stand for allies, they deserve the recognition for defeating the axis powers and winning world war 2


It’s a metaphor


It’s a metaphor

i should truly NEVER be underestimated as a facebook stalker